Review of Challenge Math Online at Noetic Learning

The Challenge Math is an online program offered by Noetic Learning. It is a very  inexpensive way of receiving math problems for a specific grade level on a weekly basis. They offer 3 sessions, one in fall, one in spring and one in summer.  The weekly assignments consist of 5 timed problems. It’s a good mix of problems touching topics like geometry, algebra, probability etc appropriate for the grade level. On an average the time commitment is 10-20 min per week.  They have provided some samples questions on their website to try out before you register.

I recommend signing up for one semester to try it out. Start at  your child’s current grade level. The problems might be different from what they are used to seeing and solving in school. So help them out for the first few weeks, or else there is a chance that they might get frustrated and won’t be motivated to complete the session. Once the students gain confidence, let them try solving the problems themselves and you as a parent can help them out by reviewing solutions with them.

If you find that your child is already doing well with the problems at their grade level, sign them up for the next grade level in the following semester. The idea is to keep them challenged but not frustrated. If it comes easy to them try harder.

These problems help students enforce the curriculum they learn in school, improve their problem solving skills and strengthen their logical reasoning as claimed by their website. The program offers a wide variety of problems to solve which will help them do well in national math competitions like MathCounts in their middle school and standardized tests like ACT & SAT in high school. I will be writing about Mathcounts and Standardized testing in future blogs.

For more information, visit their website at

If you are looking for more similar problems to work on, they are selling their contest problems from previous years.

If you have experience with Challenge Math or similar programs,please leave your comments below. You can also reach out to me at

$$$ – inexpensive

Time commitment – 20 min or less per week

Grades 2-7


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