Review of Summer Camps at the Science Centers

Unlike Math and English, Science is a subject which is hard for the parents to help their children master at home. You might not have enough knowledge or have the right resources to satisfy your child’s curiosity in different fields like chemistry, space, nature, earth, physics, technology, astronomy etc.

Science Centers offer different programs throughout the year for school age children to explore the wide range of topics in the field of science. They offer week long summer camps for different grade levels and various topics throughout the summer.  Summer camp registrations are now open in most centers. Through these programs, kids learn to ask questions,investigate, explore, collect and analyze data to dig deep into the topics of their choice, all while having fun. They develop skills to tackle challenging science problems which helps supplement what they learn in school and also do better in standardized tests  (Iowa Assessments, ACT etc) in the subject area of science.

Below are the links to camps at Science Center in Des Moines, Iowa and a couple of neighboring states.

Also, read about the summer programs at the University of Iowa and other colleges here.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach me at or leave a comment below.


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