Summer Learning opportunities for High Schoolers

Here are some summer programs to keep your high schoolers busy and challenged this summer.

  1. Applications for the World Science Scholar program is now Open. May 15th is the deadline to apply, so if you are interested, you need to hurry up! This is a great opportunity for kids to apply their mathematical skills to different fields of science. Enrollment in this program is highly competitive.
  2. The Digital Debate camp is an online debate academy recommended by Davidson Institute, perfect for those who want to improve their debating skills.
  3. The Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at John Hopkins, is the world leader in gifted and talented education. They offer summer online classes in various subject areas like English, math, science, computer science, world languages etc. The students do not need to recognized as a CTY scholar to enroll in their online programs. But they do have some eligibility requirements for each class based on standardized test scores.

As always, if you have any questions or to share any  other similar opportunities, you can reach me at or leave a comment below.


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