Summer Camps 2020

      If you are looking for summer camps for 2020, now is the time to start researching on what’s out there, that might be of interest to your child. Here I am listing a few (some local) with links to their websites.

Registrations for some of these programs start in December but many of them not till early next year. So you might want to check back to see updated information. 

  1. Belin-Blank Summer programs, University of Iowa (grades 2-11).  Read more here.
  2. Iowa State University Opptag program (grades 3-11)
  3. Summer Adventures in Learning (SEA), West Des Moines Community Schools (Grades 1-8) Read more here.
  4. Simpson College (ages 10-19)
  5. Des Moines Art Center
  6. Des Moines Performing Arts
  7. Camp Invention (Grades K-6)
  8. Davidson Institute summer programs (ages 8-16)
  9. Duke TIPS (grades 4-12)
  10. iD Tech (ages 7-19)
  11. Northwestern University CTD (grades pre K-12)
  12. Science Center Summer camps (grades pre K-12) Read more here.
  13. Physics camp at Drake (grades 8-12)                                       

Unfortunately most of them are very expensive, but it might still be a better alternative to regular summer camps. You can find more camps on website by googling “hoagies gifted summer camps”


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