Scholarships for funding college

High school students can receive scholarships to attend college from various sources. And the best part is, unlike loans, scholarships do not need to be paid back. 

College Scholarships: These are offered by the colleges themselves, based on the different talents the student might have, which can be academic, artistic or athletic Ask admissions representatives from each college you are applying to about scholarship applications. You are not always automatically considered for scholarships. Each college within a university (say School of Engineering) might offer separate scholarships. You may have to do some research and find them. Pay special attention to application deadlines. 

Private scholarships: These are given by local or national organizations, local businesses, professional organizations, and ethnic or religious groups. How to find them? Start by checking  with your high school counselors. Also check with your employer, the parent’s and the student’s employers. Below are a few websites with listings for hundreds of searchable scholarships:

  1. Cappex
  4. ICAN

Finding scholarships and applying for them is a full time job which you can start as early as summer and can be done year round. The more you apply, the more you win. Even scholarships which offer small amounts of money add up. So keep on applying. Good luck!


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