Welcome to  Smitha’s 2 cents worth!

If you are a parent who is constantly struggling to find resources and time, to guide and help your child do better in school, you have come to the right place!

Hello, I am Smitha, a mother of two.   Currently, my son is a freshman in high school and my daughter is a fourth grader. Being an immigrant from India, I had trouble understanding the curriculum followed here in the United States in grade school. Most of the time, I was not sure what my kids were learning in school and whether they were doing well in school for their grade level. In India, students bring back notes and tons of homework (not necessarily a good thing either) from school, making it easier for the parents to help them with their studies and also gauge their level as compared to their peers.

In this blog, I will be mainly covering topics, sharing resources, tips and ideas related to elementary school and middle school,  I  will add topics related to high school as I gain more clarity and understanding in the next few years.

It’s often difficult for parents to ask for academic help or seek advice from other parents or friends.  I will be trying to share everything I have learned over the years so that you do not have to go through the same learning curve that I did. My goal is to share  with you some useful educational resources and ideas to help your child build an edge over learning and stay motivated to do their best in school.

All the information and opinion  provided on this page is solely based on my experience. If you would like to receive notifications when new posts are added, please subscribe to the blog via email or like on facebook by clicking on follow or like on the bottom of this page (if you are using a computer) or on the right side of this page (if you are using a phone/tablet).


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