Spelling Bee in Iowa!

Spelling Bee contests are conducted at various locations in the state of Iowa by the Knights of Columbus organization. Children in grades 4 through 7 grades are eligible to participate in the competition. Check out their website here to find a location near you. The website also has wordlists for the different grade levels to practice. You can walk in and register your child at the venue just before the contest. The contest at Waukee will be held on February 10th, 12.30 pm at St.Bonafice Church.

I am old fashioned and believe that good spelling skills are important in improving a child’s writing and reading skills. Most schools do not include weekly word lists and spelling tests anymore. Contests like these are a good way to learn and practice whether it be the spelling bee contests or geography bee contests. Winning the first place in the competition is not everything. Kids develop confidence in facing large groups trying out different contests like these.


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